Terms and Conditions

Since our web design packages are priced so low, there are a few terms and conditions that we apply to our web design services to ensure we can continue to offer the best possible value for money. We ask that you familiarise yourself with these terms and conditions before you place your order, to avoid confusion or disputes later on.

Browser, device, resolution support

All websites are tested on internet explorer 8 and above, Firefox and Chrome. These browsers cover the majority of users, however the website may look different from one browser/device/resolution to another and will not be pixel perfect. Yorkshire Websites cannot test websites in all browsers and all devices and all resolutions and maintain our low prices. If the website is not accessible in a particular browser/device/resolution and if we are able to replicate the problem then we will ensure the website is as accessible as possible. We do not support websites in internet explorer 7 or below.

Responsive Design and Progressive Enhancement

Our websites are built to incorporate responsive design and progressive enhancement.

Progressive enhancement allows Yorkshire Websites to establish a solid baseline of cross-browser support and then enhance the design with advanced css features for supporting browsers. This means that some of the particularly nice decorative style effects will not be viewable in browsers such as internet explorer 8 or below.

Responsive Design is the practice of building websites suitable to work on every device and every screen size, no matter how large or small, mobile or desktop. The design is fluid and not fixed meaning that depending on the browser screen width the design layout will change to make best use of the space available ensuring that the text and main messages of the website are clear.


We require a deposit of £250 before commencement of work on your website begins. We'll send you an invoice for the remainder of the total project fee on sign-off of the website. You will need to pay this invoice within 30 days of the invoice date. If you fail to pay this invoice on time, we reserve the right to disable the website and email addresses, and withhold all relevant passwords, until payment is received.


Once the deposit has been paid we will provide a mock up of your website in PDF format and print as requested. If you wish to make changes to the design we will then undertake up to two revisions. We then require, once you are happy with the design, to formally sign the design off. Changes made to the design during the site build after design sign-off will incur additional costs of £40 per hour in order to incorporate the amended design.

Copyright and ownership

Once you have paid our final invoice, you will own all your website pages, and the design of the site (if it's a bespoke design), and copyright of the website text (whether you've written your own text or you've paid us to write it for you). You will not own the copyright to any images sourced by us on your behalf, either from our own stock image library or from any other provider of stock images.

Site credits

We'll add a discreet “Website developed by Yorkshire Websites” (or similar) link at the bottom of each page of your website. If you've asked us to source stock images for use on your website, some of these images may be supplied to us (and thus to you) on the condition that the photographer is credited. If this affects any images we've sourced for you, we'll let you know during the design and build process.


Websites hosted by Yorkshire Websites incur no hosting charge for the first year. Hosting includes four free security updates to the content management system core and modules. During updates your website will be temporarily unavailable. Should for any reason the website have unscheduled down-time Yorkshire Websites will endeavour to bring the site back on-line as quickly as possible. However, as a sole trader Yorkshire Websites cannot guarantee 24/7 support, if your website is business critical then you may wish to choose a 3rd party for hosting. Subsequent years hosting will incur an annual fee of £150, but will include 4 security updates and on-going reasonable support.

Reasonable use policy for ongoing website support

Free ongoing support for the first year is included in our web design packages, but this support is provided subject to a reasonable use policy, which is set out below.

Reasonable use includes:

The following are what we consider to be 'major' alterations, and are not included in your free support:

Subsquent years support charges are included in the £150 annual hosting charge.


Yorkshire Websites does not offer any support for emails however Yorkshire Websites can assist if you wish to use Google Apps for your domain name email.

Major Alterations

We charge £40 per hour for major alterations to your website or we will quote for any extra functionality.